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Group Lessons

I am currently not offering private lessons due to my busy performance and teaching schedule during this school year. However, I am very excited to offer online group lessons for the very first time. These lessons will be an informative and fun hang for everyone, and give you a chance to ask me any questions, have me demonstrate various things, receive feedback on your playing and fellowship with like-minded drummers from around the world. To take full advantage of these lessons, it is recommended that you have a Zoom set up that will allow me to see you play during the lesson. Though the focus of these lessons will be on drum technique, approaches and concepts, non-drummers are welcome to join and ask questions that pertain to drums and rhythm, as well as offer non-drummer perspectives on various musical concepts. I look forward to hanging, playing and growing with you!


Please sign up for the level that you feel best suits your playing. If you live in a part of the world where the available times do not work for you because of the time difference, you are welcome to form a group of drummers/non-drummers in your area for me to give a private group online lesson to at a time that is convenient for everyone. 

Watch excerpts of a few of these group lessons HERE.

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Next Class TBD

In this group lesson, I will focus on fundamental jazz concepts and techniques necessary to become a competent jazz drummer. We will cover techniques for keeping good time with a good swing feel, basic independence exercises and hand technique. Though this is a beginner lesson, you should already be able to play the drum set at a basic level of proficiency, albeit with deficiencies in technique and coordination and/or new to playing jazz.

Next Class TBD

In this lesson, I will cover concepts and approaches that will help you begin to understand some nuances and subtleties in jazz that many drummers miss. We will discuss jazz language to help improve your comping and soloing. In addition, we will spend time working on improving your ride cymbal technique and feel.

Next Class TBD

In this lesson, we will work on advanced approaches to soloing, time playing, styles and various advanced meter concepts.

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